I got married

The jewelry and clothing collection White Wedding created by fashion designer Vilve Unt and jewelry artist Kärt Summatavet is inspired by our Estonian foremothers national costumes.

The beauty of this collection is so much different from what I have experienced before – you literally felt the virginity of texture touching your skin and the heaviness of jewelry resting on your chest. It was like a mixture of lightness and the burden at the same time which in a way followed the idea of the whole collection – when the wedding ends begins a grey weekday.

The collection was presented in Helsinki in Viro Keskus (http://www.tuglas.fi/index.php?id=1214) and our team just could not miss the opportunity to wake up at 6 AM to take the first ferry, be inspired by our stylist`s determined proposal to have a nice walk to gallery when outside temperature was -20 °C, and I guess I needed at least one good companion to „Like“ the Last Visitor of the Exhibition (check the gallery:))

It was a great grey day full of sunshine, bad jokes and so much fun. We only missed you, Mammu, but do not worry… the payback will be bloody.

Thank you, Vilve and Kärt, for letting us experience something so special!

Design: Vilve Unt
Jewelry: Kärt Summatavet
Photographer: Maiken Staak
Stylist: Liis Almond:) Plato
Make-up & HAIR:): Mammu




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My better half

Some time ago I was asked by fashion magazine Anne & Stiil to write about the relationship with my sister.

She is intensive and emotional, and never accepts any superficial answer. Mostly it feels like talking to your own reflection, your better half.

We all do experience different kinds of love throughout our lives, but thanks to her I have learned that love cannot be just unconditional, sometimes it needs your readiness to shake beloved`s comfort zone as well. It is kind of a hands-on love where one is sure – both will walk through walls for each other. Once in a while we also preach to the choir, but taste of victory is even sweeter then:)

Today we are separated by thousands of kilometers and even when I answer the phone being in an edgy mood after few common, I guess very inside, jokes my soul is safe again. Because I know, even when whole world goes silent around me, I can always count on her, on my better half.

Magazine: Anne & Stiil
Photographer: Stina Kase
Design: Sireen Vintage
Models: Ettie & Diana Mikita

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Hablar, hablar, hablar, mi hombre

Had the most thrilling week in Spain. The energy of the set was indescribable as were the views from our “base camp” Ronda. Cannot wait to see the results! Miss my team, three extra blankets and the smallest bathtub ever.


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He actually hates honey

It is not the latest baking, but fresh enough to serve for watching.

Client: Leiburi Kuldne Röstsai
Idea: Ecwadori
Production: Caviar

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Client: Rocca al Mare Shopping Center
Idea: Imagine AD
Production: FrostFX

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Looking for an earthy equivalent for Hennessy Paradis…

It is probably a women wearing Kristina Viirpalu`s design sipping one of ENKK`s (Cognac Club of Estonian Women) latest favourites.



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Be my guest

The shoot was done in Turku with the model Mika who knew how to charm the team. You only need a great character and a sushi plate does not hurt either.

Client: Halton
Photographer: Seilo Ristimäki from Iloinen Liftari Studio

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Three skirts for healthy look

Vilve Unt`s design allowed us today to travel back in time when our grandmothers were jung and Midsummer Day was their Studio 54.

Essential elements of time machine: Maiken Staak, Mammu, Liis Plato

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Happy New Year! Do not let it spoil your mood!

We were asked to imagine King Kong and it all makes sense now. Tujurikkuja did a proper job when “spoiling” your mood on NYE.

Anyhow, I promise I will not spoil yours this year and I hope you will do the same:)

Märt Avandi ja Ott Sepa aastavahetuse sketšisaatest “Tujurikkuja 4”
Tootja: Catapult Films, 2011

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Dear friends!

Cropping Season is over! I hope liking is part of your feelings.

First of all I would like to thank Gert Drui for finding proper html code and tolerating my passion for details. I would also like to thank Helena Kivi for being like a solid rock to rely on when the cropping season was at its peak, and Stina Kase who did not only find my soft spot, but made my life so much more colourful. Thank you, my dearest friends. I would have never done it without you.

During these years I have had a possibility to work with most amazing photographers. Thank you for letting me enjoy your creative mind dear Indrek Arula, Filippo Carotti, Mike van Cleven, Jayden Fa, Jefunne Gimpel, Karl Grant, CJ Hadlow, Hans Huylebroeck, Margus Johanson, Aivo Kallas, Laura Kallasvee, Stina Kase, Elina and Silvia Kurr, Luis Malibran, Herkki Merila, Lilian Marie Merila, Oliver Moosus, Ken Oja, Anthony Parmelee, Erik Riikoja, Risto Ring, Jelena Rudi, Maiken Staak, Toomas Volkmann, Riina Varol, Tanel Veenre, Kalle Veesaar, Jill Wachter and many others.

Thank you for improving my genetics with your gifted hands dear Aune Aasoja, Elva Ahlbin, Maie Heidemann, Ksenia Ljashenko, Mammu, Liza Mayne, Merlit Miländer, Õnne Rudi, Maarja Sild, Dina Tshistjakova, Maaja Tuuling, Lana Vallo, Daisy van Winkel and many others.

Least but not last I would like to thank Kristina Viirpalu. Without you I would live a reasonable life and have a proper job, but I would have never felt the happiness I feel today. Thank you!

Thank you to all of you!

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