I got married

The jewelry and clothing collection White Wedding created by fashion designer Vilve Unt and jewelry artist Kärt Summatavet is inspired by our Estonian foremothers national costumes.

The beauty of this collection is so much different from what I have experienced before – you literally felt the virginity of texture touching your skin and the heaviness of jewelry resting on your chest. It was like a mixture of lightness and the burden at the same time which in a way followed the idea of the whole collection – when the wedding ends begins a grey weekday.

The collection was presented in Helsinki in Viro Keskus (http://www.tuglas.fi/index.php?id=1214) and our team just could not miss the opportunity to wake up at 6 AM to take the first ferry, be inspired by our stylist`s determined proposal to have a nice walk to gallery when outside temperature was -20 °C, and I guess I needed at least one good companion to „Like“ the Last Visitor of the Exhibition (check the gallery:))

It was a great grey day full of sunshine, bad jokes and so much fun. We only missed you, Mammu, but do not worry… the payback will be bloody.

Thank you, Vilve and Kärt, for letting us experience something so special!

Design: Vilve Unt
Jewelry: Kärt Summatavet
Photographer: Maiken Staak
Stylist: Liis Almond:) Plato
Make-up & HAIR:): Mammu




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