My better half

Some time ago I was asked by fashion magazine Anne & Stiil to write about the relationship with my sister.

She is intensive and emotional, and never accepts any superficial answer. Mostly it feels like talking to your own reflection, your better half.

We all do experience different kinds of love throughout our lives, but thanks to her I have learned that love cannot be just unconditional, sometimes it needs your readiness to shake beloved`s comfort zone as well. It is kind of a hands-on love where one is sure – both will walk through walls for each other. Once in a while we also preach to the choir, but taste of victory is even sweeter then:)

Today we are separated by thousands of kilometers and even when I answer the phone being in an edgy mood after few common, I guess very inside, jokes my soul is safe again. Because I know, even when whole world goes silent around me, I can always count on her, on my better half.

Magazine: Anne & Stiil
Photographer: Stina Kase
Design: Sireen Vintage
Models: Ettie & Diana Mikita

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