Dear friends!

Cropping Season is over! I hope liking is part of your feelings.

First of all I would like to thank Gert Drui for finding proper html code and tolerating my passion for details. I would also like to thank Helena Kivi for being like a solid rock to rely on when the cropping season was at its peak, and Stina Kase who did not only find my soft spot, but made my life so much more colourful. Thank you, my dearest friends. I would have never done it without you.

During these years I have had a possibility to work with most amazing photographers. Thank you for letting me enjoy your creative mind dear Indrek Arula, Filippo Carotti, Mike van Cleven, Jayden Fa, Jefunne Gimpel, Karl Grant, CJ Hadlow, Hans Huylebroeck, Margus Johanson, Aivo Kallas, Laura Kallasvee, Stina Kase, Elina and Silvia Kurr, Luis Malibran, Herkki Merila, Lilian Marie Merila, Oliver Moosus, Ken Oja, Anthony Parmelee, Erik Riikoja, Risto Ring, Jelena Rudi, Maiken Staak, Toomas Volkmann, Riina Varol, Tanel Veenre, Kalle Veesaar, Jill Wachter and many others.

Thank you for improving my genetics with your gifted hands dear Aune Aasoja, Elva Ahlbin, Maie Heidemann, Ksenia Ljashenko, Mammu, Liza Mayne, Merlit Miländer, Õnne Rudi, Maarja Sild, Dina Tshistjakova, Maaja Tuuling, Lana Vallo, Daisy van Winkel and many others.

Least but not last I would like to thank Kristina Viirpalu. Without you I would live a reasonable life and have a proper job, but I would have never felt the happiness I feel today. Thank you!

Thank you to all of you!

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